About Editor-in-Chief

Lokesh shrivastav: an introduction

30 Years experience of active journalism at the age of 50,basically a main stream Hindi journalist, having experience of working with prominent newspapers / TV channels on various key/responsibilities .

Specialization in Indian politics, political system, working of political parties/leaders, bureaucratic system, human rights situation in India.


Ø Chairman of Delhi Press Club (www.delhipressclub.org)


Ø Worked as Chief Editor of NEWS HOUR (a prominent evening daily of national capital of its time for three years. Was independently leading / planning editorial and managerial sides of the newspaper.

Ø Worked as Chief Reporter of Dainik Jagran (Delhi Edition), largest newspaper of north India during 1990, 1991, 1992. Was also a member of launching team of its Delhi edition.

Ø Worked as Chief News Coordinator with Spectranet and was editorial / administrative in-charge of wahindia (Monthly), wahindia TV,wahindia radio and wahindia.com.

Ø Worked as Metro Chief of 'Punjab Kesari' , a leading Hindi Daily of Capital during 2003, 2004, 2005.

Ø Published and edited a weekly newspaper entitled Janbimb at the age of 14, during the International Children's year-1979 after procuring special permission from the Govt. of India.


Ø Worked as NEWS HEAD(next to CEO) with 365 Din TV (Hq. Ranchi) a 24hr. satellite Hindi News Channel since June, 2008. Also worked as Vice President(News & Coordination) of “Sudarshan T.V.”, a 24x7 satellite HindiNews Channel.

Ø Has worked with spectranet /wahindia tv as chief news coordinator-cum-news producer and was independently producing / coordinating daily news bulletins.

Ø Has worked with ECO Televisa and produced more than one hundred TV news reports. This Mexican TV network was one of the largest in the world broadcasting in Spanish to more than 240 million people in various countries.

Ø Produced and directed a glamorous weekly TV programme for Doordarshan-2 network entitled Fashion Aur Style.

Ø Directed and coordinated an entertaining weekly TV programme The Hit Ones for DD-2.

Ø Has worked as Executive Producer withSpanish Film Director Jordi Sole and completed an international feature film in September, 1995.

Ø Also worked with jain satellite tv.


§ Has been accredited correspondent of PIB (Govt. of India) for many years.

§ Has traveled with Prime Minister and Central Ministers during their official tours for news coverage.

§ Recipient of about a dozen awards imparted by various Govt. / non Govt.Organizations.

§ A prolific writer / broadcaster with thousands of news reports / articles /programmes published / telecast.

§ Experienced of covering parliament proceedings, state legislature and general elections.

§ Has covered events of international importance.